The Essentials of Essay Writing on Dystopian Society

An utopian society is one that is ideal or perfect. Dystopian is the opposite of such a society. It is one where there are dehumanizing and humiliating conditions. Dystopian fiction is one that describes such a society. Scholars view this as a warning of pending catastrophes or description of the society people are currently living in. There are novels and plays that depict such a society including Erewhon by Samuel Butler and We by Zamyatin Yevgeny.
A dystopian society essay could be in support of the idea or a critique of this approach to literature. This is a precarious mode of writing because opinions vary. You will therefore require a lot of factual and strong arguments to make a compelling case. How do you craft a compelling paper?

  • Identify the Literary Material to Critique there are novels, plays, poems, songs, etc on dystopian societies. You need to identify one of these materials for criticism purposes. Read the piece thoroughly to fully understand its content. In some cases, the material may have been suggested by your teacher. Reading enables you to get the facts that will drive your discussion.
  • Develop an Outline for Your Paper an outline is a suggestion or list of ideas to support your discussion. The outline helps you to generate the ideas and their supporting points. List the ideas alongside the incidences or characters who exemplify the dystopian them. Though you will not use all these ideas, you will know whether you have enough to produce a quality paper.
  • Consult Widelylook through the instructions to ensure that you understand them fully. In case any instructions or requirements are not clear, seek clarification from your teacher. You may also discuss the assignment with classmates or seniors. The teacher may help you with materials that will make it easier to write the essay such as sample papers, a template, reference materials, etc.
  • Draft, edit and proofread having gathered all the materials, draft your paper. Follow the formatting rules stipulated in the instructions issued. Complete the work in good time to allow room for editing and proofreading.

Read as much as you can and understand literature on dystopian society. This will strengthen your arguments. An outline will help you organize your ideas and identify the strong or weaker ones so that you can work on them.