Fighting With Worn-Out Ideas: Original Essay Titles For “The Great Gatsby”

Most students will have to read The Great Gatsby at some point during their education and, consequently, many students will also have written essays about the novel. This means that most obvious titles will inevitably have been written about, as will many less obvious titles. In fact, there are many worn-out ideas that have been written about time and time again. Of a student, this may not necessarily be so noticeable; however, as an adjudicator or teacher, who will be marking hundreds if not thousands of essays over the duration of a career, it can become very tedious.

As a result, to make your essay stand out, and give you the best chance of getting awarded a high grade, it can be a good idea to try and develop unique or original ideas.

Of course, if you’re wondering what a worn-out idea actually is, then you may be interested in some of the suggestions listed below. These ideas - or at least some variation of what is written below - will have been written about numerous times by students all around the planet. Some of these ideas of more worn-out than others; however, it is still possible to devise some kind of originality, particularly if you have a creative mind; for example, you can compare this novel with something completely different and unexpected.

  1. The role of the American Dream as a theme in The Great Gatsby
  2. The relationship between Caraway and Gatsby in the novel
  3. What is the impact of Myrtle Wilson’s death?
  4. Why is the cover art for the book so important and highly regarded in terms of its role in the cultural perception of American literature?
  5. How has Fitzgerald’s work influenced other American writers of the 20th century?
  6. Analyze the original reception of the work compared to the present day standing that the novel has as a hugely important piece of 20th century American literature
  7. How historically accurate are events that take place in the novel, as well as the overall portrayal of the time?
  8. How would the novel differ if Caraway did not act as the first-person narrator, as well as one of the central characters - and could someone else have narrated the work?
  9. A summary of the plot in The Great Gatsby
  10. What can we learn about Fitzgerald as a person from any similarities shared with characters in the novel?