The Great Gatsby: Essay Topics From Writers

The Great Gatsby is a famous novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that you may be asked to write an essay about. To make your paper interesting and original, you should discuss a particular question related to this novel. If you cannot come up with a unique idea for your paper, you may get some inspiration examining topics generated by professional academic writers.

A List of The Great Gatsby Essay Topics

  1. The use of the white color in the novel: what does it symbolize?
  2. The analysis of Fitzgerald’s view on the American Dream based on the novel.
  3. The use of religious imagery in the description of the “valley of ashes.”
  4. The reliability of Nick as a narrator.
  5. Fitzgerald’s presentation of different regions of America in the novel.
  6. The green light symbolism in relation to Gatsby and Nick.
  7. The comparison and contrast of Wilson and Gatsby.
  8. The distinctions between East and West Egg.
  9. The analysis of whom to blame for Gatsby’s death.
  10. Fitzgerald’s treatment of the New York City in the novel.

Writing an Essay on The Great Gatsby

  1. Write an introduction.
  2. Start with a hook that is related to your narrow topic to draw the attention of the reader. Then, briefly remind the reader about the overall plot of the novel and present a specific issue that you’re going to discuss in your paper.

  3. Write a body.
  4. This part of your paper should consist of several paragraphs. Each paragraph should present and explain a separate point to defend your main idea. Use quotes from the novel to support your points and arguments.

  5. Write a conclusion.
  6. In the last paragraph of your text, you should restate your points and summarize them to convey your final message. Also, you may offer several topics on The Great Gatsby that other students can discuss in their papers.

  7. Proofread and edit your paper.
  8. After having written your entire essay, you should look through it several times and eliminate each and every error that you spot. It’s also advisable to rewrite sentences that aren’t 100% relevant to your topic.

As you can see, you can analyze different things related to The Great Gatsby in your academic paper. Remember that to select a good topic for your literature analysis essay, you should read the needed piece of literature first. If you just learn the basics of the plot, you won’t have enough knowledge about the book to conduct a proper analysis.