Writing an Analysis Essay Based on Brave New World

Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931 though it was published in 1932. The setting is London with a setting of 2540 AD, an era anticipated to use reproductive health technology, class manipulation, psychological manipulation and class learning. The manner of writing has seen the book rank top 100 among the best English novels.
The popularity of this novel sees it appear in literary exercises in different grades, high school and college. When asked to write a Brave New World analysis essay, you will be required to consider a few important points.

  • Choosing a Topic
    Brave New World is an expansive novel and thus might present a dilemma on the best topic to choose. The topic may be based on the plot, the characters in the novel, the setting of the narrative, etc. To get the best topic, begin by reading the book several times. Initial reading should be done leisurely. This helps you understand the plot as well as characters who are captured in the novel. The second and consequent readings are aimed at identifying the facts and details about the area you want to focus on. If your focus is on the theme of education, pay close attention to sections that highlight the education of children.
    The best topic is one that is unique and fresh. Go through other papers in the library or online to learn more on how to choose a captivating topic. The topic or title should make the reader curious and eager to read your entire paper. An ordinary topic or a repetition of what others have written makes your paper boring.
  • Use of Appropriate Language
    The language or approach of analysis writing differs significantly with other forms of writing like description, criticism or expository, among others. This form of writing takes a step by step approach with one or more defining theories or points. For instance, should you choose to analyze the characters, you are required to pick each of them at a time. The analysis must be based on facts and be substantiated through citation. By the end of your paper, a reader should be in a position to dissect and clearly understand different aspects of the book. Though personal opinion is welcome during analysis writing, you must substantiate this opinion.
  • Formatting Your Work
    Formatting makes it easy to follow the discussion. A reader knows what information is to be found in the introduction, body, conclusion, references, etc. It also enables the reader to differentiate between your words and those of other authors. Formatting follows a set of rules determined by your choice of MLA or APA writing style. Strict adherence to these formatting rules is demanded.
    The best way to craft an analysis essay on Brave New World is to begin by reading the book. Consult your teacher in case you experience any difficulty especially on choice of topic and formatting. Your teacher may also provide excellent samples of analysis papers to guide you through the writing process.