A Collection Of Pride And Prejudice Essay Topics For College

Pride And Prejudice is a popular novel and likely to appear at any grade in your academic journey. The novel by Jane Austen is rich in style, themes, characters and in many other literary aspects. It therefore presents numerous study options for students at various grades. Here are some of the topics to consider for your essay on Pride and Prejudice.

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  1. What do the differences between Elizabeth and the other family members signify in the novel?
  2. Make a commentary on the perspective adopted by Jane Austen regarding the issue of class. Do you consider it conservative or radical?
  3. Jane has a characteristic portrayal of women in her novel Pride and Prejudice. How is she sympathetic to their plight and how does she act in an unsympathetic manner?
  4. Elizabeth offers a unique perspective to marriage. How can the other characters, especially Mrs. Bennet and Charlotte benefit from this attitude and how can adopting this attitude be detrimental to their relationships?
  5. Austen is lauded for creating the most realistic or believable characters. They are considered psychologically complex. Do you support this view and why?
  6. The original title of the novel was First Impression. In your view, why is the title Pride and Prejudice more appropriate?
  7. The initial attraction Darcy has to Elizabeth is through the fine eyes. This attraction is symbolic. What does it imply of the two characters?
  8. Jane Austen seems to make a statement that family and community are responsible for their members. To what extent does she exemplify this and do you think that this is a logical proposal?
  9. Mr. Collins has unpalatable social behaviors though he stands out as a very comical character. How can you explain this character?
  10. What is the most compelling element of the novel Pride and Prejudice that you would recommend it to other readers?
  11. Elizabeth is a forthright and independent character while Lady Catherine is conservative. How do the two characters display their opposition?
  12. The best description for the Meryton society is materialistic and fickle. How is this notion advanced in the novel?
  13. What is the role of such minor characters as Miss Bingley, Lady Catherine and Mr. Collins in bringing Darcy and Elizabeth together?
  14. The story of romance in Pride and Prejudice goes against the traditional grains of romance stories at the time. Spot the differences and explain the significance of this deviation.
  15. It is common for human being to misjudge people based on the first impression. How true is this statement considering the encounter between Elizabeth and Darcy?

The secret to writing an excellent essay based on Pride and Prejudice is to read the book thoroughly. You will be familiar with the characters, plot, setting, themes, etc. This provides the details you require to complete your paper with confidence.