Writing A Quality Essay On Gatsby And American Dream

The basic reading of The Great Gatsby is a tragic love story. However, from a literary perspective, it is a critique of the American dream that seems to have failed. This book is incredibly rich in literary devices that it provides an excellent range of issues for papers at different grades. The execution of characters, setting, themes and stylistics is superb. Here are tips on how to write an excellent Gatsby American Dream essay.

Read the Book

Like every other literary work, it is suicidal to attempt to write a critique without reading the book. The first reading should always be to familiarize with the content and enjoy the story. It should be leisurely and with little attention to any specific idea. Read the book a second time with the aim of identifying and paying attention to specific areas like themes, characters, the narrative, etc. These aspects will anchor your paper.

Read Sample Papers

Beyond reading the book, you may want to peruse through a few criticisms of this book. Critique of the work gives you a chance to understand different perspectives by other writers. These perspectives will give you a hint of the best angle to take in your paper regarding various themes, characters, scenes, etc. You will use these ideas to support your argument or disapprove others.

Consult Your Tutor

In the process of research and compiling your paper, there are areas where you might experience doubt or be unable to understand certain requirements. To avoid wasting time or including irrelevant points, consult your teacher. Consultations allows to confirm whether you are doing the right thing or not. You will avoid having to repeat the entire paper after completion.

Choose a Unique Topic

A lot has been said and written about Gatsby and the American Dream since it was released. To capture the attention of a reader, you need to find a unique and captivating topic. Sometimes the topic will have been issued by your teacher. If this is the case, understand what is required and in case you have doubts, consult. If you are at liberty to choose a topic, select one from an area that you clearly understand.

A unique topic gives you an opportunity to make an independent argument. Avoid repeating what other people have said. Though you will quote and cite other works or papers, endeavor to produce a unique paper. It is this uniqueness that makes your work attractive. Support all your arguments and assertions using facts. Differentiate facts from opinions especially when citing critiques of this book.

Edit Your Work

A quality paper is one that has minimal errors and is made of coherent arguments. Complete the work in time to allow thorough editing. Check on facts, grammatical errors, typos and repetition of ideas, among other areas. It is permitted to engage a professional editor at this state. Editing makes your work easy to read and understand.

The American dream remains a prominent theme in The Great Gatsby. To write a good paper, understand the context it was written and relate it with the content. Reading other works on the same book gives you a hint and helps you to improve your paper.