Original Romeo And Juliet Essay Topics To Consider

The book Romeo and Juliet is a book that can create some great topics for your essay. If you are trying to come up with a great topic for your essay, here are a few tips that are worth considering.

  1. Accelerated time scheme; what role does it have on the development of the play? Is it possible for the love story of the magnitude to take place so fast? Does it take place in the little time that it occupies? Due to the intensity of the affair between Romeo & Juliet, and how complex the events develop in the short span of the play, the play may appear as if it takes a longer time span than it actually does. When all the events of the love story are compressed in to a few days, weight is added to each moment and creates the sense of fast occurring action.
  2. A comparison between the characters of Romeo & Juliet. How do these two characters develop in the play? Why do they love one another?
  3. How does the author show the relationship between parents and their children in the play? Are the two rebellious as compared to the modern times? What are the feelings of their parents about them?
  4. Other than the crash with Tybalt, what is the role of Mercutio in the play? Is he just but a supporting character who offers the much needed comic relief or does he play a more serious role?
  5. What are the views of the author on death in the book? Give your answer in familial, moral as well as personal issues. As you bear these two issues in mind, compare the death of Romeo & Juliet, Romeo & Mercutio & Tyba.
  6. Foreshadowing in the play. How does Shakespeare use foreshadowing to warn readers of the perilous situation about to happen?
  7. There are many ways in which love manifest itself in this play. Compare & contrast the love of Romeo’s love for Rosaline and how he loves Juliet. Consider the existence of love in the household of Capulet. Consider how love exist between Lady and Lord Capulet, the Nurse, Juliet and Tybalt
  8. There are many arguments to support that Romeo & Juliet dies in triumphant ways. On top of the reconciliation of families, how triumphant is the final scene?
  9. Consider the personality of Lord Capulet. How his moods changes and the reason for this. How these moods swings are able to affect Juliet as well as the play’s course.
  10. Compare & contrast the reaction of Romeo after getting banished with the reaction of Juliet.
  11. What is the role of the prince Escalus as the authority figure in the play? Should he be blamed for the occurrences in the play?
  12. There are some critics who suggest that the main reason why Shakespeare killed Mercutio was because he was becoming a compelling character that would have taken the action from Romeo & Juliet? What are your thought on this argument? Give reasons.
  13. There are many instances when light is used in different forms in Romeo and Juliet. What role does it play in mirroring the action? How the author uses light to describe different characters as well as the changes that they go through.