Things To Know While Writing An Essay On Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte is the author behind the novel Jane Eyre. The book was originally released as an autobiography in 1847. It is a classic read that offers a wealth of stylistics, language and a fantastic plot. The themes are so clear and profound to the point of being used as a window into the society. It is an engaging novel that features these among other themes that can form perfect topics for your essay.

  • Religious Influence On Morality
  • Jane is depicted as a mirror of what everyone in the society should be. She tries as much as possible to balance worldly pleasures with what she views as her moral duty. In her childhood, she was attracted to the morality of Helen Burn which advocated for ‘turning the other cheek‘. In fact, Jane declines the offer to be Rochesters paramour. Her moral principles can be summed up as forgiveness independence and love. At the end of the book, Jane seems to have won Rochester over to the point of him confessing his sins and turning a new leaf.

  • Social Classification
  • The prominence of social classes in the novel makes it almost obvious to encounter a Jane Eyre essay on the same topic. Jane holds an ambiguous position in the story despite her education and moral standing. This causes her to take a stand against discrimination based on such tenets as class. Unfortunately, she can be accused of being discriminative as well. Though she differs with her boss in a respectful manner, her demand that her housemaid Leah get her a candle is a form of class discrimination.

  • Gender Roles
  • This novel is very vocal on gender roles. Women are portrayed as having the ability to feel as much as men do. However, they are confined to servant hood positions where their feelings and decisions do not matter. The insanity of Bertha is read as punishment for stepping out of a path that is defined by a patriarchal society. In fact, it is said that Bertha suffered a condition similar to that of Rochester. However, by accusing her, Rochester escapes the wrath of the society. Women appear to be punished with starvation, abandonment, etc for departing from the patriarchal code.

  • Passion and Love
  • One of the most prominent themes covered in Jane Eyre is the conflict between passion and conscience. It is a struggle between finding a balance. You have to adhere to one and ignore the other. Jane is sometimes torn between the two extremes such that she wants to run away with Rochester despite him having a wife. However, conscience seems to prevail despite the persuasions. She is a perfect example of how one should draw the line.

Look at here for more issues covered in Jane Eyre. The themes are animatedly covered with characters being holistically developed. It is an interesting view of life as it was in the 17th century.