Instructions to Compose an Essay About Harry Potter

J. K. Rowling gifted the world one of the best novel series in Harry Potter. The series is about the lives of Harry and his schooling friends who intend to conquer the dark wizard of the world and become immortal. Its critique acclaim and commercial success make the book an obvious and common choice for literature classes. You are therefore more likely than not to encounter it in your literature class at one point in your life. How best do you craft an essay on Harry Potter?

  • Decide What You Want to Say About Harry Potter?
    Harry Potter is an expansive series. The characters and scenes change from one book to the other. There is also a film on Harry Potter that could form the subject of your discussion. Since it is impossible to capture all these elements in a single paper, it is advisable that you pick a particular element and study it thoroughly. You could also pick a single volume in the series or a setting.
  • Your choice must be unique from what other writers have studied over the years. It adds no value to your paper to repeat a topic that is exhaustively studied. Readers want something new and exciting. In your choice of title, make it very specific and telling. A reader should know or have an idea of what to expect by simply looking at your title. These expectations must be met once he or she reads your paper.
  • Identify Your Main Points
    Brainstorm on ideas that will form the frame of your arguments. These ideas are listed in an outline. To begin with, list the ideas as they come. Do not be bothered about the order or whether some of them are repeated. Review the ideas eliminating the weak ones and identifying a logical flow or order. Assign supporting points to each idea. Quote the pages, volume, scene, etc to provide authentication.
  • Draft Your Paper
    Since you have gathered the ideas, begin writing drafting your paper. Skip the introduction and work on the body first. Alongside the conclusion, the introduction is best written when you have an idea of what has already been discussed. Edit and proofread your work for submission before the deadline.

The expansive nature of Harry Potter demands attention of very specific aspects. Plan your paper using an outline and brilliant essays for sale available online at low price. Do not submit unedited work or fail to meet the deadline.