Brave New World: Things To Know While Crafting An Essay

Brave New World is among the most insidious and bewitching literature work that has ever being written. The satirical fiction piece was written by Huxley.

Introduction to Brave New World

Today we have strong questions and debates on the great breakthroughs that have been made in science such as cloning, internet communication and a large pool of knowledge. There are questions whether these inventions will enhance the society or lead to its destruction. Brave New World is set in a utopian world where man is dehumanized in a bid to achieve community, stability and identity.

The work indicates that to achieve the stability state, there should be an individuality loss and the undoing of Mother Nature. When these conditions are successfully engineered, this can create a world where people end up living happily ever after.

The setting

Brave New world has been set in planet earth’s future It offers an account in a pessimistic way of shape that would be taken by a community that is scientifically shaped, the sterility and human emptiness that this would cause. The world states are controlled by ten controllers and these are the ones who determine the various aspects of the society. Most of the citizens are contented with their simple lifestyles and this is noted in the work when one of the characters states that they do not want change since change is a spoiler to stability. This is where the problem lies.

The plot

The novel implies that for stability to be there there must be absence of individuality. The BNW government understands this fact and one of the controllers state that there cannot be civilization if there no social stability. There can also be no social stability if there no individual stability. The stability need is what brings up the government that believe that there can be stability when people look and think in the same manner.


Each human is made unique by the emotions that make up the mind and these can be controlled to some extent. This is the reason why the Brave New World seeks to control these emotions. For other Brave New World essays, visit this resource.