Othello: Creating An Interesting Essay On Jealousy

William Shakespeare artistically painted the theme of jealousy in his play Othello that even today; it is yet to be exorcised. It features among the themes that anchor tragedy in the play. Other themes include love, repentance, revenge, unfaithfulness and betrayal.

Writers and students have produced papers on this subject for centuries. This makes it almost impossible to find something new to write about. Many essays have thus ended up being mundane due to repetition. Here are tips that will make yours interesting to read even for the most experienced scholars.

Work on Your Introduction

The introduction of any paper will determine whether a reader digs deeper or abandons it. Use a fascinating introduction that may include a quotation, a statement by a renowned scholar, a controversy on the book or author, etc. Let the introductory paragraph leave your reader burning with curiosity. The introduction also includes the topic you choose. There is a lot to be said about jealousy in this play.

Include Facts

Make arguments that are supported by facts drawn from the book. This is only possible if you have read and understood it. It is also easier to understand when you watch the play at the theatre. The dramatization and pronunciation of words makes it more insightful. Differentiate between facts and opinion especially when you use samples and analysis by other writers.

Form and Defend Your Opinion

The best Othello jealousy essay is one that is unique. Copied or duplicated ideas are boring to read. Find a new perspective that will capture the imagination of your reader. The ideas of other writers should be used to support your stand. The new perspective must be supported by credible facts from the play.

Other aspects that will improve the quality of your work include proper formatting, use of proper literary language and coherent arguments. An outline will ease drafting and organization of your paper. Samples also give you an idea of what is expected.