Composing An Animal Farm Essay: Tips From Snowball

Animal Farm is one of the most popular literature books. Snowball is one of the characters who have some strong & logical ideas sticking to the animalism principles despite the fact that he also agrees that pigs are superior. However, he also helps the rest of the animals to understand how to read, comes up with the idea of creating the windmill, to ensure that the farm is not only self sufficient but also to avoid violence. While the book depicts Orwell in a way that is more positive, it is clear that he looks down on the rest of the animals and would attempt to get more powers throughout the rest of the book. When writing an essay on animal farm essay, there are several questions that you can seek to answer.

Snowball and Napoleon

A good idea that you can consider when writing this kind of paper is to compare Snowball and Napoleon. At first, these are the two pigs that lead the leaders of the revolution to oust Mr. Jones, just like Trotsky and Stalin led the revolution against Lenin in Russia. At last, Trotsky is exiled as Stalin using force in the same way that Snowball is driven out y Napoleon.

How the work would have been different if Napoleon was driven by Snowball

This is a question that can be approached in two ways. Definitely, Snowball and Napoleon had some few differences. For instance, Napolean resorted to violence faster as compared to Snowball. He was also greedier and manipulative. While Snowball is more logical and bent on pleasing the animals, he is also a believer that the pigs are more superior. He doesn’t act to prevent the unequal resource distribution. Since the farms idea requires that all animals should play a role in decision making, it wouldn’t be more serene to have a reader like Snowball as compared to Napoleon.

Pigs decide to spread the message by Old Major and this is where we meet Snowball. As compared to Napoleon, he is a vivacious pig. He is also more inventive and faster in speech but is considered to have similar depth of character. This means that animals are fooled by the appearance of Snowball as he is lively and friendly. Here we learn that the fact that Snowball is friendly and blonde does not meant that she is more interesting than the emo poet.

After Snowball is chased off by Napoleon’s dog, you can end up feeling a bit sorry for the pig and even view him as a noble and great hero. However, this is not the case. While Snowball played a major role in the rebellion and even helped in setting up the 7 commandments, he also was responsible in reducing the commandments into a simple line, “4 legs are good, 2 are bad”.

While this commandment could be easily remembered, it is also somehow meaningless and sheep are trained to bleat over it as Snowball gives his speeches. This is on top of the fact that when animals complain that pigs are taking all the milk, it is Snowball who answers that they need it for their brainwork. While Snowball is not around when animal farm is turned in to a dictatorship, he plays a role in the first step prior to his expulsion. You can guess what would have happened if he had stayed around for a longer period of time. Probably he would be the one who would be drinking the whiskey for Mr Jones.

We can also see that Snowball is good in public speaking and he was able to win the majority through his brilliant speeches. For more tips from snowball, visit this link.