Analyzing Redemption In An Essay About The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is the work of an Afghan American Author by the name Hosseini Ahmed. Published in 2003, it features a story of a young boy called Amir who has a strong friendship bond with the son of a servant to his father. This beautiful story is unforgettable yet heartbreaking.

A Kite Runner Redemption essay would be impossible to write if you have not read the book. Though there exist excellent guide books and analysis materials on the novel, they do not provide the facts and exact scenarios you need to complete an excellent paper. Reading also provides you with notes used to create a framework or outline that guides your writing process.

Upon thorough reading of the novel, it is time to find other materials like research papers and other materials that critique this novel. These literary works give you a different view of themes, characters, the plot, etc. Whenever you find an author who supports your view, note that down and use it to enhance or support your ideas.

  • The choice you make for your topic is very important. While The Kite Runner is your general subject, identify a specific area to analyze. It may be the theme, particular characters, the language used, etc. To make your title captivating, ensure that it meets these standards.
  • Unique- a unique title is one that has not been heard before. It should stand out amidst the other papers. Such a topic will attract the attention of even the most seasoned scholars or analysts. They will want to know what is contained in such a paper.
  • Interesting- every reader wants to spend time on a paper that is enjoyable to read. Keep away from mundane titles that do not arouse curiosity or offer anything new to readers.
  • Specific- identify a particular aspect that you will focus on. It could be a character, theme, stylistics, etc. The reader has expectations that must be met.
  • A good essay is one that is interesting to the reader. It will be impossible to compose such a paper without knowledge of facts about the book. Meet the expectations of your reader by being specific with your title.