Heart Of Darkness: Essay Topics To Choose From

Heart of Darkness has as much attracted criticism as praise from literary gurus. Conrad has been accused of propagating racism through the narrative. Such literature materials are excellent when writing papers because they provide you with an opportunity to voice an independent opinion. However, with controversial books like Heart of Darkness, caution is necessary especially when choosing a topic. You need a strong topic that will be captivating to a wide spectrum of readers. It also needs to be unique and very specific on the areas covered. Here are excellent Heart of Darkness Essay topics to consider.

  1. What groups are presented in the novel and what is their significance?
  2. There are stylistic devices that make Heart of Darkness proto-modernist. State the devices and their effectiveness in this role.
  3. The idea of Kurtz having a girlfriend is introduced towards the end of the novel. What effect does this move have on the entire story?
  4. Conrad switches narrators as a stylistic device. Which of the narrators is more reliable and is this technique effective in communicating the theme?
  5. Water is a symbolism used frequently in this novel. The roles played by salty and fresh water differ. Marlow and the narrator also regard the two differently. Explain the difference and its significance.
  6. Conrad seems to give a peculiar impression or image of natives. Do you agree with this image and why?
  7. At the beginning, the author presents a quest. What difficulties are faced by the protagonist and what figure does Kurtz represent?
  8. The idea of a double audience makes the novel unique. What is having an audience listening to the narrator and the other composed of the reader meant to achieve?
  9. The writer gives Kurtz a prominent sound while his appearance is diminished. Why?
  10. Marlow distances himself at different points from the reader because he thinks they cannot relate to the experience. Mention these instances and is this notion justified.

There is a lot more in Heart of Darkness to be explored in an essay. Choosing an interesting topic makes you work captivating to read. A unique idea makes the reader curious to read the entire paper.