Dante's Inferno: Wise Essay Writing Hints

Inferno is an epic that has remained of interest to the world of literature because of its richness in themes, excellent crafting and the story line. It is part of a series that was christened Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century. The poem captures an allegory of the journey the human soul makes on its way towards God. The soul has to choose between evil and good with consequences for the choice made.
Being an epic poem and a popular literary piece may present a challenge or make it easy to complete the paper. The poem and its themes, context, language, etc are clearly known. Any misrepresentation of facts will be heavily penalized. The reader will be looking for something new and unique in your Dante’s Inferno essay. How do you raise the quality of your paper?

  • Find a Specific Title
    Inferno is a literary rich poem. This gives you a lot of areas like themes, allegory, context, language, etc to focus on. It is impossible to capture all these areas in a single paper. The best idea is to find a specific element on which your paper will be based. Choose a title that is specific such that the expectations of the reader will be met. Such a title must also be relevant to your grade and the unit you are studying.
  • Create an Outline
    An outline is a framework that directs the flow of your ideas. It indicates the order in which your points will appear. It also helps you to generate supporting points or ideas. During brainstorming, you will identify the strong and weak points already listed. This enables you to combine or discard some in order to strengthen your presentation. An outline will help you achieve a logical flow in your paper.
  • Research on the Poem
    Read what other writers say about Inferno. Search for samples, books, presentations, journal papers, etc on the poem. These materials give you a different view and where the author holds a similar opinion as you do, you have scholars to quote.

Completing an essay on Inferno by Dante requires you to first read the epic. Develop an outline that highlights the points you will be focusing on. Find out what other writers say about the poem as well.