Fresh Essay Topics For Hamlet: A Unique Collection

Hamlet is one of the books that help Shakespeare to maintain his top tragedy writing position. The plot is entertaining and packed with twists that make it interesting to read. The language used is rich and interesting to read. Shakespeare uses this play to explore a number of interesting themes. Here is a unique collection that will help you produce an excellent quality essay.

  1. There are two levels of conflict demonstrated in Hamlet. Inner and Outer conflict. Use examples from the play to demonstrate their manifestation.
  2. What character is revealed in the seven soliloquies by Hamlet?
  3. What is the relationship between Gertrude and Hamlet?
  4. Hamlet is generally set in Denmark. What is the significance of this setting?
  5. Horatio and Hamlet have two distinct characters. Is this true and how do they show it?
  6. Goethe has famous conclusions about Hamlet. Do you agree with these conclusions and why?
  7. Morality is a major theme in the play Hamlet. How effectively is this theme explored?
  8. Women have a special play in Hamlet. Analyze their place in the society based on the incidences in this play.
  9. What commentary does the play make on political livelihood of people in Denmark?
  10. The entire play is dotted with death. What message is the writer trying to send?
  11. Oedipal interpretation of the play is common among literary critiques. How does the relationship with Ophelia complicate, support or work against the Freudian interpretation?
  12. “To be or not to be?” This is a famous question posed by Hamlet in scene one of the third act. What is the context and what interpretation can you give the question?
  13. It is characteristic for Shakespeare to end his comedies in marriage and tragedies in death. Hamlet can thus be described as a tragedy. It however, has its comical elements. Choose two elements that push it into the category of tragicomic.

Writing an essay on Hamlet by Shakespeare requires you to read and understand the book thoroughly. Look for fresh and interesting topics that are captivating to readers.