Handpicked Essay Topics On The King Lear

The King Lear is a depiction of how the title character descends into madness. Shakespeare shows how tragic consequences befell everyone after the actions of the king. This play has been adapted widely including on screen. The interpretations given on this play range from fairy tale perspective to historical, psychosocial and Christianity or religious, among others. This makes it a perfect choice for any grade.

With numerous issues to explore, here are fresh King Lear essay topics to consider.

  1. Cordelia is hesitant to profess love to his father. How do her actions or inaction depict hierarchy philosophy in humanity?
  2. Do you consider the confession of love by Regan and Goneril evil? Support your answer using examples from the play.
  3. Examining the inverse blindness and sight tropes as depicted in King Lear.
  4. The themes of Gender, economics and power in King Lear
  5. The use of stylistic language in King Lear
  6. How are women, sex and lust depicted in King Lear?
  7. How effective are order, power and chaos used to advance the play especially its climax?
  8. The power of insight is the ability to recognize through self. How is this ability depicted in King Lear?
  9. Lear can only be described as a victim of circumstances. Discuss this assertion.
  10. Kings have a personal desire for acceptance. Discuss this theme in relation to the drama in King Lear.
  11. One can only describe what happened in King Lear as madness. Is this conclusion justifiable?
  12. King Lear is punctuated with irony, paradox and patterns of reversal. What scenes best exemplify this?

The best literary topics especially for old and popular books are the unique ones. Pick a topic that is least explored. In case the topic is popular, find a new twist that makes your work appealing to read.