Helpful Guidelines On Writing An Essay On Harry Potter

Harry porter is a book where the author Rowling creates a magical world where the forces of good are in war against the evil forces. The author promotes themes that are key to our everyday lives such as love, determination and friendship and these are things that all children should strive to posses. However, critics of the work have also criticized the fact that the book also promotes witchcraft. This is a point of discussion that can make a Harry Potter essay to be quite interesting.

When writing an essay on Harry Potter, you will need to start with an introduction on the book. This is where you should provide details on the book as well as the Harry Potter adventure. If you are asked to write this kind of paper, there are several dimensions that are worth considering.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone

This is the first book on the series. You can try to explain whether there is a hidden meaning in the Philosopher’s stone. You can also try to explain the meaning of the stone in our real world.

Hogwarts diversity

This paragraph should explain different groups in Hogwarts and how they relate with one another. It should also consider the deeper meaning in the relationships.

Introduction to Harry Potter

Harry Potter has lived in the muggle world for a period of ten years and he still doesn’t realize the existence of magic. This changes after he is enrolled in the Hogwarts School of wizardly & witchcraft. This causes an instant change in his entire world. Not only is he suddenly casting spells, learning more on potions but he is also rescuing aby dragon. Harry Potter is still the person who uncovers the plot to steal the Philosopher’s stone with his friends Ron and Hermione, they spoil the plot. It is during this process that they face Lord Voldemort. This story has some hidden meaning. The Philosopher’s stone is the key plot in the story. This is because the author suggest that it has the ability to provide eternal life. This is seen as an attempt by the author to show the pursuit of immortality by mankind which is impossible.

How the death of Potter’s parent influence his character and some of the key decisions that he makes in the book.

The catalyst that leads to the whole course of the narrative is the death of Potter’s parent. If his parents hadn’t died, he wouldn’t have spent his childhood with Dursleys who was neglectful and neither would he have gotten into Hogwarts with almost no knowledge on his background and how important it is in the world of wizarding. It is after his parent’s death that Harry develops a great hatred for Voldemort and tries to avoid getting seduced by powers of Dark Arts.

Is the sense of good and evil clear in the work?

At the start of the book, there seems to be a great distinction between the forces of good and evil. Harry and Professor Dumbledore are completely good. On the other hand Voldemort is totally evil just like his death eaters. However, in the narrative, the issue is complicated by the author as there seems to be a moral ambiguity. For other Harry Potter essay, visit this website.