Catchy Essay Questions Related to The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter is a masterwork of an American author Nathaniel Hawthorne set in 17th-century Boston. If your literature teacher asks you to write an essay on this work of fiction, your first task will be to choose a decent question to discuss. If you don’t have any topic ideas, you may take a look at a list of questions composed by other students to get inspiration.

A Collection of The Scarlet Letter Essay Questions

  1. The influence of Pearl on the transformation of Hester.
  2. Puritan symbolism in The Scarlet Letter.
  3. The differences and similarities of Dimmesdale and Hester.
  4. Considering Pearl as Hester’s conscience.
  5. The idea of the inherently flawed human in The Scarlet Letter.
  6. Analyzing Chillingworth’s ideas of revenge.
  7. Comparing the punishments of men and women in the Puritan community.
  8. The literary techniques and instruments used in The Scarlet Letter.
  9. The role of physical settings in The Scarlet Letter.
  10. Comparing the behavior of adults and children in the novel.

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Shortly speaking, if you need to choose a topic for your essay on The Scarlet Letter, there are plenty of aspects for you to select from. You may concentrate on characters, symbolism, setting, or even literary devices used in the novel. The main idea is to pick a topic that will be enjoyable for you to analyze and write about in your paper.