Helpful Tips To Write An Essay On Crime And Punishment

Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of the most revered Russian writers with several prize winning titles to his name. The book was first published in monthly installments by The Russian Messenger before it was turned into a single novel. It features a story of Rodion Raskolnikov who is facing a moral dilemma and mental anguish as he plans to kill a pawn broker for his cash. His argument is that murder or crime can be legitimized if it is meant to fulfill a higher purpose like assist the poor.

Since its publication in 1886 and 1887, Crime and Punishment has attracted the attention of all manner of scholars. There exist numerous of papers on different aspects of this novel. Is there anything new left to write about Crime and Punishment? How can you writer a better essay than the thousands already written?

Read Through the Novel Several Times

Crime and punishment is an interesting book to read. In fact, you will enjoy it when reading for leisure compared to searching for materials to compile your paper. Once you complete reading leisure reading, go through the story again, this time looking for points to support your argument. Use the main points to create an outline. The outline will guide the flow of ideas in your paper.

Read Other Works

The age, literary richness and popularity of this book dictate that other writers have compiled papers on it. Read through these papers to get a different idea of the novel. Check their approach and stand on such issues as theme, character, language, relevance, etc. You will also get ideas to strengthen own argument.

Be Unique

Identify an area that is yet to be explored about the novel. This will only be shown through the choice of a unique and original title. It generates curiosity among readers and makes your paper to stand out.

Writing an essay on a book your have not read is impossible. Thoroughly read through the book and identify a unique angle that will anchor your paper and make it interesting.