Selecting Topics For An Essay On Great Expectations

Charles Dickens remains one of the most prolific writers in history. Great Expectations is an iconic novel that may appear at any grade in your scholarly career. It is rich in literary features and enjoyable to read. The plot is also simple and easy to follow. The themes are prominent, making it easier to complete a paper on the novel.

The strength and coverage of Great Expectations essay topics depends on your grade and requirements of the assignment. However, there are general qualities that make a good topic. v

  • Relevance – a topic must fit within the scope of your course and grade. The issues discussed must also be drawn from the Great Expectations.
  • Freshness – the topic should be new to the reader. Avoid areas that have been discussed time and again. They add no value to the world of literature meaning that a reader may easily skip them.
  • Specific – address a particular theme, character, stylistic element, etc. The expectations spelt out in the title must be met in the paper.

Here are excellent topic suggestions to consider.

  1. Revenge is a constant theme in Great Expectations. Discuss its manifestations.
  2. How does the relationship between Pip and Stella change throughout the plot?
  3. The book opens with an element of betrayal. What impact does this opening have and how is betrayal developed throughout the novel?
  4. What Great Expectations does Pip show throughout the novel?
  5. What is the historical relevance of Great Expectations when read in context of the society during the years it was published?
  6. There are characters who influence the life of Pip either positively or negatively. Name these characters and how they exert their influence.
  7. How does Pip compare and contrast with the first convict?v
  8. The use of first person narration makes the story very interesting. Discuss.v
  9. The battle between good and evil features prominently in the novel. What exemplifies this?
  10. What strengthens the bond between Joe and Pip?

A good essay topic is one that points at an interesting discussion. Identify a fresh idea that is new to your readers. Be specific about what you are discussing in the paper.