Suggestions to Write an Essay About Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is a famous American literary critic, writer and editor. His works are characterized by stories about mystery and macabre. He anchored Romanticism in the United States of America and was a pioneer in writing short stories. He is the father of detective fiction writing also paved way for writers to earn a living from exclusive writing, though his life ended up in financial difficulty and a broken career.
Poe had a career in military and writing but is famous for his literary works. His genre of writing was gothic, though this was done to appease the public. He was a dark romanticist and a lover of horror. He ventured into science fiction in response to the invention of the hot air balloon. As a critic, he hated allegory and didacticism in literature. He had a style he referred to as the Raven, though it was claimed that there was nothing unique about it.
How best do you compose an essay on Edgar Allan?

  • Read his Works
    The best way to understand the philosophy of a writer is to read the works he or she has created. This applies to Allan as well. It will be easier to write about him by looking at his books. His early life and career in the military are just influences and punctuations in this life. He is famous for his works and that would be the best way to identify him.
  • Search for Criticism About his Work
    Scholars and students have written about him. Go through these papers to identify a perfect entry point. Know what other people say about different books or criticisms of other books. They must make comments about his motivation, shortcomings, influences, etc. These commentaries are pointers to the character and perception of the world. Read as many of this as possible.
  • What is Your Take?
    The essay gives you a chance to make an independent commentary about Edgar Poe. It adds no literary value to repeat what other people have said. Be bold enough to disagree even with the most celebrated critiques. As long as you support your argument, it will be allowed to stand.

Understanding the works of an author gives you the facts you need to write about him. Gather the views and perspectives of other writers and use them to develop your own or get your custom paper on