Writing A Powerful Essay On Antigone: Expert Tips

Antigone dates back to 441 BC. It was a tragedy written by Sophocles. Chronologically, it was the first to be written but it is the third of the Theban trilogy. The title is borrowed from Greek mythology. Antigone was the sister/daughter of Oedipus since he came from his relationship with the mother. The play offers incredible literary elements to support an essay of any grade in college or high school. In fact, a lot of writers have received accolades since time in memorial for analyzing this play.

Popularity of this play makes it a common choice for many teachers. When faced with an assignment based on the play, how should you approach it?

Read the Play Several Times

Even without preparing for a test, Antigone is an excellent play. Read initially to enjoy the language used, the plot, characters, etc. It is at the second reading that you begin to identify important literary elements that will anchor your paper. You need to take note of scenes and pages to enable you use them to support your arguments. Writing on a book you are familiar with makes it easy and fun.

Discuss With Your Teacher

Teachers provide directions on assignments. The teacher will help you choose the right or best topic for your paper; guide you on sources of reference materials, language to adopt, etc. The teacher also helps you with samples that will guide your writing process. Consult on regular basis to ensure that you are doing the right thing.

Find a Unique Angle

There are themes that have dominated writing of Antigone. Keep away from them. Identify unique ones that will be captivating to read. In case you wish to address a popular subject on the play, ensure that you give it a unique twist.

The best Antigone essay is one based on verifiable facts. Consulting with your teacher simplifies your work, reducing the time it takes to complete the paper. Ensure that your topic is unique and captivating.