William Shakespeare: Creating A Top-Notch Essay

Essay writing can prove to be a tricky thing which can at times derail some students in their studies. This is especially when you are supposed to write on complicated works such as William Shakespeare. The good news is that there are some tips that you can use to create a top-notch essay,

Understand what works for you

If you want to be quite productive, you will need to start by discovering what works best for you. Are you good in writing during those odd hours or do your give your best in the morning while you are still fresh? You will also need to determine whether you should write the paper all in one go or if you should do it in bits. Most students prefer to write it in a single go. However, the demerit of this method is that you are likely to procrastinate writing the essay until the last minute. Perhaps a good idea would be to write some little bits on the essay before gradually increasing the amounts of words that you write each day.

Plan as much as you can

You will need to begin by creating a rough outline of your William Shakespeare essay. This is important as it will provide you with a guideline of the essay and provide you with some ideas that you need to write on. It is important to create a plan.


No matter the year that you are in, it is always important to include as many references to your paper as possible. When you give an opinion on the work by William Shakespeare, you should include a reference to a quote that helped you to make that conclusion. A good rule of thumb would be to have one reference for every 100 words. However, the more the references you get the better.

Avoid waffling

We all get to a point where we get off the target. However, you need to ensure that you answer the question at the end of every paragraph that you write. This will ensure that you are able to stick to the paragraph you write.