Choosing Right Essay Topics For A Paper On The Crucible

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a literary masterpiece that offers excellent essay writing opportunities for different grades. The themes, characters, stylistics and plot are excellently developed. The book also appeals and fits the demands of all grades. This explains why it remains a popular choice especially for college. Here are fresh ideas to base your paper on.

  1. The Crucible is considered an excellent political allegory that still applies to present day governance environment. What issues as addressed by Miller mirror the present day political formations in the world?
  2. The Crucible makes a clear statement of reversal of gender roles with specific reference to Salem community. Which character in the play best advances this theme and how?
  3. Gossip, slander and rumors are prominent in the book and the lives of people in Salem. Which characters use this tool effectively and how?
  4. The role of Parris is to minister to the community in Salem. How effectively does he fulfill this role?
  5. There is a clear difference between the characters of Elizabeth and Abigail. What traits in each of them are positive and which ones are negative? How do these traits affect or affirm their role in the play?
  6. Despite being a moral police, something prompts Elizabeth to lie in court. What is this motivation and what is your commentary on the scene?
  7. Discuss the significance of the plan hatched by Abigail to eliminate Elizabeth. Is there a relationship between this plan and the spell cast with Tituba in the woods?
  8. Witch trials are prominent in the book. How do they affect the community in Salem and institutions like the government, church or individuals?
  9. The Crucible connotes a very severe test. How significant is this title in relation to characters and how does it lead to change or revelation of true element of characters involved?
  10. There is a combination of prose as well as changes to historical facts at the beginning of the play. The author does this for dramatic reasons. How effective is this technique?
  11. In your opinion, do you think the judges are evil? If so, what is your definition of the term evil?
  12. Prominent themes discussed in the play are greed, integrity and hunger for power. Who are the best characters to represent these themes? What incidences perfectly capture these themes?
  13. Each main character has a personal flaw that contributes to the tragedies in the play. Pick incidences that reveal the flaws in each of these characters and their significance in the play. What are the contributions of outside forces towards the character flaws and their eventual fall?
  14. Women have a prominent role in this play. What is this role and how do characters like Abigail, Elizabeth and Mary Warren exemplify this role?